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Kurz-Vita / Presse-Info
Laengerer Lebenslauf

Sprouting Sprouts

first violin lessons at age 6

intense encounter with "the classical cosmos" as part of a musical home.

early recitals, several awards (
Jugend Musiziert’)

miscellaneous activity, such as soloperformer in an opera for children 'Noah's Flut' (Benjamin Britten), speaker for radio broadcasts of the SR-tuttgart or in music-, dance- and theater projects.
1968 Oct, 12th, 1:28 h: initial yelling...

Sylvia am Klavier

soon developes into a passion for noisy emotional outbursts -

                                                                                                            mainly at the piano...
Officially Coined 

after high school dgree 88 - 93 violin studies with Prof. Nicolas Chumachenco at 'Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Freiburg'

masterclasses with Thomas Brandis a.o.

solo,- chamber music- und orchestral concerts in UK, Italy, Ukraine

'Studio für Neue Musik Freiburg'

Sylvia als Solistin mit Jugendorchester Tübingen
There's strong urge to increase the instrumental capabilitites - but there are no ebvious perspectives; it's no goal to bevome an orchestra musician with that nine to five attitude - periods of enthusiasm mingle with times full of question marks and irritability.
There's hate and love for the violin: on the one hand the intense sound - on the other hand the heavy load of tradition, prejudice and expectation. But the hypnotic effect of the latter is more and more overdone by a headstrong experimental attitude...

Trips and Traps
...which is hunting for new ways of expression.
Apart from the regular orchestra work in Basel and Freiburg:

93 - 96  studies at drama school 'Schauspielschule Theater am Martinstor'/ Freiburg

musician and actress at 'Auerbachs Keller-Theater' Staufen

violinist for 'Theater im Marienbad' Freiburg (ongoing since 90) in ‚Die Geschichte vom Onkelchen’

musical plays:
‚Weisswurst mit Kampfer’ – a humorous trip into the world of Erik Satie and the 'Groupe des Six' - in collaboration with mit A. Klieber/ Basel;
‚Kälberbrüten’ by Hans Sachs, directed by A. Frey/ Stuttgart;
‚Warum weinst Du holde Gärtnersfrau’ – satirical, lyrical collage of scenery and music - directed by K. Zintgraf/ Basel;
‚Hurengespräche’ inspired by H. Zille - performed with violin, accordion and vocals – self directed;
‚Die geliebte Stimme’ inspired by Jean Cocteau, 'Regio-Galerie'/ Basel
But the "real life" is tempting in those days - to indulge in experiences, that overstep all previous boundries and tap the last supplies...
...but as long as ist doesn't kill ya...
Workoholism & Creativity

6/99 setting up the duo Lila Tango (Katharina Bek on accordion); own arrangements of tangos, tsiganes and salonmusic - using violin, accordion and vocals; concert-, festival-, show case- and cabaret performances

since 2/00 violinist of the
Basel Sinfonietta,
symphonie orchestra specialised on present day compositions – conducted by Jürg Henneberg, Marin Alsop, Emilio Pomàrico, Reinbert de Leeuw, Joel Smirnoff, Muhai Tang, Kasper de Roo, Friedrich Haider a.o.

since 3/00 violinist and confériencier for the trio Les Chats Noirs (Christine Otto-double bass and Iris Broska–piano); own arrangements of tango argentino and nuevo, tsiganes, instrumental chansons, cabaet music, Debussy...

5/00 thru' 11/01 impro-theater part of Theater L.U.S.T; frequent performances at 'THEATERCAFE' ar the muncipal theater Freiburg, plus guest performances throughout Germany and Switzerland
The overdue decision is made: pro music and con theater. There's no way to do the long run. Urged by the idea to regain time - plus the joy of conquering ne musical territories, there's an unknown power making itself felt - days become way too shortr... and the nights also...
arrangement and violinist for the ‚Energie-Medley’ as part of the anniversary of ‚Badenova’ at the concert hall Freiburg; madeley of: B. Smetana, Gospel, J. Hendrix, Strobel/ Dübel, Kurt Weill; line up: voice, 2 saxophones, violin, violoncello, piano, double bass, electric ass, drums, percussion.

since spring 01 violinist for the Duo Sylvia Oelkrug & Cordula Sauter (violin & accordion); the follow up for 'Lila Tango' is launched after the common production ‚Varieté Villa Rabenstein’ wih the action theater Mixtura Unica – playing tango, tsiganes, klezmer, musette, swing and bossa nova.

Duo Geige & Akkordeon Having discovered the fun of arranging and, hence, dealing with individual shades of sounds, now there's a need growing for solistic improvisation: "the jazz" enters. Cautions attempts to walk, selfconstructed harmonic exercises, the search of "the swing"... there's a lot to quest, to read, to lsten to - the first jam sessions...  
The fascination is growing, even though it's hatrd to be a newbie again.

since fall 01 violinist of Duo Twilight (pianist Michael Sattler); jazz -ballads, swing, latin and tango nuevo by A. Piazzolla

clinic for improvisation with Harald Kimmig/ Freiburg

violinist of the chamber orchestra Concertino Basel

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