Sylvia Oelkrug, Geigerin
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Sylvia Oelkrug und Sascha Bendiks im Palazzo Colombino
Here are Bands & Ensembles
Bands & Ensembles at a glance (as pdf)
and on top particular performances
such as the collage 'My Favorite Song' at the festival Le Gipfel Du Jazz,
the Padova 33 1/3 h improv-festival, the concerts with MaNouche, Zapatango, Uli Führe (Ikarus), Handsome Feet a.o.
as well special arrangements & performances like the ‚puzzle-quartet’ (composed for '550 years universisity of Freiburg'),
.........a gay bunch of something.......
„ ... that's right!
Penny can't stick to one thing.“
(And blessed with patience be her neighbours...)
„ ...Yeah, to me the fiddle is
the focus of all layers of personal character...

plus the opportunity to meet a fascinating bunch of individual musicians,
to prove my own standards permanently,
and to experience the exchange of musicians and audiance,
ehether in a concert hall, a club, a festival, a show case or studio - 

each situation a special challenge of it's own kind...... „
Duo Twilight - Tango und Jazz mit Violine und Piano
'ersatzlos gestrichen' - improvisierendes Streichensemble
Duo Sylvia Oelkrug, Violine und Cordula Sauter, Akkordeon
Quo vado? - jazz-quintet
Mr.Kings Delite plays Zappa + Combo Lobino - Band des Palazzo Colombino mit Rock, Pop, Jazz und Songhaftem
Trio van d'Arc - klassisches Streichtrio mit Sylvia Oelkrug-Violine, Ulrike Ruettgardt-Viola und Henrike Ross, Violoncello
Basel Sinfonietta - Sinfonieorchester mit Schwerpunkt zeitgenössische Musik
Juggling meets Violin mit Jonglage/ Stefan Zimmermann und Violine/ Sylvia Oelkrug