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Event Now Freiburg - Veranstaltungs-Agentur @ Event Now

If you weren't there, already, you had to be invented! An event agency that's not "just" producing mighty fine concepts, but turning events into art, made of individual ideas, jammed with phantasy, often audacity... and a wonderful, human attitude. Stefan & the crew - it's pure joy to play for you, kudos.

Coco Sound Freiburg - Veranstaltungstechnik @ Coco Sound

In case it sounds decent and on the top there's god spirits, in case the sound staff and the musicians have a common goal (as far as musicians are cable (-; ) - and in case there's a beer for all of them when the work is done...  

SOME PLAYERS @ Didier Lockwood 
& @ Centre Musique Didier Lockwood

Dammes, I thought I didn't need an idol... He's the jazz violinist who touches me the most - with his unique sound, his intensity, his rhythm and his audacious skill. He's the teacher who gave me more than possible for that amount of time via his meticulous treatment of the violin and his outstanding personality. In case you haven't heard him, well check him out!

Schroeder @ Schroeder @

That bum hasn't even a homepage (yet) - but he can play some drums, he's to some extent independent and fairly interested in a couple of things of a musical nature. I might be willing to stand another drinking night to discuss things that I reject at first... @ Mike Keneally

What's happening inside that guy? And how can you be so humble when you're so much of a genius? If I'd be a bit more capable of his way to play music, to think music, and to be open to whatever happens, well that would be quite a bit of help... @ Ulrich Rasch

Event agencionado who's a real pianist. Congrats to yours for the Montreux award! @Stephanie Ruch

„Breathing's nifty - singing's The Thing" - sorry for poor translation - but the german original is obviously hte best singing lesson advert, ever, created by a phenomenal singer.


Waldsee Freiburg - Restaurant/ Veranstaltungen @ Waldsee Freiburg

Achim's music club. Long nights, 'coffee Wurlitzer', a tap that never stops, the 'Waldseematrosen', 'Jazz without Streß', open air cinema, tasty food. All I can say: „Wickeltisch“.

Theater im Marienbad - Kinder- und Jugendtheater Freiburg @ Theater im Marienbad

Where theater for kids doesn't become childish, but simply sincere, funny, exciting. After all, being part of the 'Geschichte vom Onkelchen' is the most constant part of my life - a very beautiful one!

@ Tr’espace/ Diabolo & Kontrabaß

Diabolo artists who create a unique combination of juggling and music, full of poetry, power, density - moving forward and forward - venture every experiment. You marvellous people, remain yourselves! @ Oliver Groszer /Jongleur

I'm sure one of the best jugglers at all - and sweetheart of a fellow, somebody who could win lasts night's bet in the middle of his act, and the audience won't notice a bit (-: .

THINGS YOU NEED TO LIVE @ Christoph Reusch Computersysteme

Christoph Reusch stellt Computer individuell zusammen – d.h. ich bekomme genau, was ich will und bezahle nichts, was ich nicht brauche. Vor allem aber bleibt er Hausarzt für alle Fälle, kommt, wenns brennt, hilft beim Updaten oder bei den ganz normalen, alltäglich nervtötenden Fragen...

Imkerei Oeli Oelkrug @ Oeli Oelkrug @

Der weltbeste Honig aus eigener Imkerei - von meinem Bruder, Oeli Oelkrug, der Boxwade. 12 Sorten - von Frühjahrs- Sonnenblumen-, Akazien- über Edelkastanien, Wald-, Weißtannen- bis hin zu cremigem Lavendelhonig oder flüssigem Honig der Provence. Kann auch über mich bestellt werden


 from Z to A @ Stefan Zimmermann/ Jongleur @ Rainer Lenz & Andreas Kopfmann/ Tanzmusik @ tok tok tok/ acoustik soul @ Theater L.U.S.T/ Theatersport @ Hanna Schüly/ Saxophon, Flöte und Quo Vado @ Cordula Sauter/ Akkordeon @ Michael Sattler/ Pianist (+Tango-Tänzer+Web-Programmierer+) @ Willie Oteri/ guitar @ Chris Német/ keys, composer, producer @ Rainer Lenz/ Sänger und Tasten @ Sandra Klinkhammer/ Sängerin @ Harald Kimmig/ Geiger, Komponist @ Felix Groteloh/ Gitarrist @ Hendrik Gosmann/ Bassist @ Johnny B. Gomer/ Gitarrist @ Sascha Bendiks/ Sänger und Alles-Spieler @ basel sinfonietta @ Gary Barone/ Flügelhorn und Trompete @ blue6pack, junge Freiburger Jazz-Band @ Äl Jawala/ Balkan Big Beatz