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Laengerer Lebenslauf
2002/ `03 

violinist of the jazzband Quo vado? (Hanna Schüly - composition/ soprano & alto sax; Gary Barone - flügelhorn; Michael Mark – piano; Peter Streicher – bass;  guest: Daniel Hauger - sopraon sax); jazzy originals influenced by tango, musette, latin... concerts and cd production

string trio Trio van d’Arc (Ulrike Rüttgardt - viola and Henrike Ross - violoncello) playing Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorák, Dohnanyi, Francaix a.o.

‚Trio Van d’Arc’ records for the cd “ruby soul” with the soul-band tok tok tok

since 3/02 Juggling meets Violin with juggler Stefan Zimmermann; two varieté acts - ‚Ball-Bolero’ and ‚Tango-Diabolo’; 
Daidogai World Cup Shizuoka/ Japan, TV-produkcion NDR Thüringen, Kulturbörse Freiburg 2002, award '1. Kleinkunstpreis der Stadt Koblenz', festival 'Kleines Fest im Großen Garten' Hannover, Open-Air-Varieté Freiburg, 'Autosalon' Geneva, Opernball Frankfurt, Industrie Fair Endress & Hauser Hannover, IGA Rostock a.o.

since 5/03 ersatzlos gestrichen - improvising string ensemble founded by violinist Harald Kimmig; present line up: Harald kimmig, Emma Mc Clune, Sylvia Oelkrug – violin; Henrike Ross, Hennes Vollmer – violoncello; 
In the first place improvisation was just means to gain a wider approach in playing. But that's changing under the impact of Harald Kimmigs's impressive, strong and individual musicianship, and - as well - due to the inspiration of the mlticolour timbres of ‚ersatzlos gestrichen’. At first everything seems to be easy - then it turns into serious work, since clichés are all about... - a time to discover musical structures, the rules of interplay, your own restricted mind....

soloviolinist for ‚Meditation’ (Jules Massenet), conducted by Michael Vollhardt/ Ortenau-Orchester

muscial encounter with Mike Keneally - fascinated lidtener during concerts in Germany and Amsterdam, then playing a common session at the 'Waldsee Freiburg'

Le Gipfel du Jazz festival performance (jazz and tango nuevo) with line up: Alex Paeffgen – piano; Christoph Sauer – bass and Schroeder – drums

violinist of Combo Lobino - band for the  Palazzo Colombino Freiburg 02/03 and 03/04; jazz, pop, rock, tango, cinema scores and more – sextet using vocals, piano, sax, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, bass
and drums - directed by Schroeder; 60 shows in a row (per season) at the Spiegelzelt/ Colombipark Freiburg
Sylvia Oelkrug im Palazzo Colombino

Pardon? - varieté show – that's challenging?? Yes it is! Provided the bandleader is Schroeder and the artistic director Stefan Schönfeld. Then it's

a sophisticated program - risky business in times
a real band, where nobody's calling a sub just because of 40°c fever
Continous developement of ideas, increasing demands, constantly-changing program.... and a lot of reason to reconsider the own attitude towards music... 
furthermore performances with:

Duo Twilight
(Kesslers Kulturcafe Weil a.Rh., Ibby Basel, Weinfest Freiburg, BZ Freiburg, Badenova a.o.), 
Trio Les Chats Noirs (international congress for Embryologie Nijmegen/ the Netherlands, concerts in Freiburg ('Kunstraum Alter Wiehrebahnhof'), Rastatt, Stuttgart, Berlin (Labsaal) a.o.),
Duo with Cordula Sauter (Musik im Schluuch/ Basel, Stadtfest Weil a.Rh. a.o.),
Basel Sinfonietta (directed by Ludwig Spohr, Agundin Facunda, Peter Rundel, Emilio Pomàrico Olaf Henzold, Jun Märkl, Kasper de Roo, Karen Kamensek a.o. – concert tour in Spain (Madrid und Jerez)
Theater im Marienbad (guest appearance in Iran (Teheran and Isfahan)

2004/ `05

cd-production 'Lass Leben' of Quo vado ? plus cd-Release at the 'Jazzhaus Freiburg' a.o.

concerts with Willy Oteri-guitar: (with Alan Sinkauz–guitar; Nenad  Sinkauz–bass and Schroeder–drums at the VS Art Gallery/ Padova, furthermore with Johnny B.Gomer–guitar, T.L. Mazumdar–keyboards, Jan Fitschen–bass; Hendrik Gosmann–bass and Schroeder–drums at 'Waldsee Freiburg' and 'Cafe Cairo Wurzburg')

33 1/3 h improv festival Padova – one rock-jazz-fusion-impro-festival 33 1/3 h non stop in honour of the 'good ole vinyl lp', performed by musicians from Italy, USA, Germany a.o.
33 1/3 non stop playing (with just a few snippets of sleep inside the car), playing, and playing some more - with such a variety of musicians - you're slowly entering a state that seems to extinguish all the familiar licks and patterns - otherwise you can't go on. A great experience and a ball to fumble with the distorsion pedal... - what a pity to miss the 45!
jazz clinic lead by Didier Lockwood at CMDL in Dammarie-Lés Lys

Sylvia Oelkrug, Geigerin

After Didier Lockwood's concert at the 'Waldsee Freiburg' it was obvious: "I gotta go there!".
Again, gates to new wolds open up - and the universe seems even more endless. This unique jazz violinist isn't "just" a real musician, but a wonderful severe, meticulous teacher, as well. He's twisting one or the other traditional technique - and he knows why. The ball is rolling....
concerts with Äl Jawala plus string quartet at ZMF Freiburg and for the cultural award presentation Emmendingen
What a gas,
Al Jaballa!
concerts with various musicians of the improvised music scene - such as singer Alexandra Marculewicz (US) and violinist/ singer Emma McClune (UK) as trio performance

Festival Argentière with ‚Labau Jazz’ – 5 concerts in Labau with musicians from France, Germany, such as young drummer Imogen Gleichauf and her band Blue6pack - and balafon virtuoso Aly Keita/ Ivory Coast; jazz, fusion, afro/latin, exerimental

violinist of Combo Lobinoband for the Palazzo Colombino Freiburg 04/05 and 05/06 pop, rock, zappa, jazz, songsters, tango and more – sextet using vocals, accordion, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano/ keyboards/ samples, bass and drums - directed by Schroeder; 60 in a row (per season) at the Spiegelzelt/ Colombipark Freiburg

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